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Roscoe's Gang
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Roscoe's Gang is a loose, punchy party session with an all-star cast that includes alt-pop chanteuse Syd Straw, dB's member Peter Holsapple, and midwest rock 'n' roll legends the Morells, who serve as backup ensemble throughout.This remastered  edition includes deluxe packaging and extensive liner notes. The original album has been out of print for years.

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If You Gotta Go, Go Now
Total Destrction To Your Mind
The Girl That I Ain´t Got
Forever Came Today
30 Days In The Workhouse
Power Lounger Theme
Don´t Wanna Be Your Friend
I Waited For You
Next To The Last Waltz
Loose Talk
You Must Have Me Confused
Vampire Blues
Power Lounger Theme (guitar)

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