Chris Harford
Sing, Breathe & Be Merry

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This fourteen song CD is a cross-section of Harford’s career up until 2002. Songs from every Harford record are represented including “Unsaid Things” and “Blanket of Snow” from his 1992 debut “Be Headed”. Other tracks include the previously unreleased “Does it Turn You On?” penned with Dean Ween, a live version of “Swinging Bridge” recorded at the late, great NYC venue Wetlands with Rana as the BOC, “In Love With This World” (penned with Greg Digesu) and the original version of “Sing, Breathe & be Merry” from the currently out of print double-disc “Band of Changes”. There are live versions of “Raise the Roof” and “Lonesome” featuring Ween producer, Regressive Aid and Rollins Band bass player Andrew Weiss. “You for Me” from Harford’s “TIME WARP DECK” is also featured.

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Unsaid Things
Joe Strummer's Midnight Dream
Does it Turn You On?
Swinging Bridge
You For Me
Blanket of Snow
Leaf of Fall
This Must Be the Place
Raise the Roof
Satellite Angel
Sing, Breathe & Be Merry
Second Guessing
In Love with this World

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The songs on the CD are of much higher quality.

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