Chris Harford
Time Warp Deck

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This thirteen song CD was released in 2004. Enlisting the help of Dave Dreiwitz on bass (Ween, Instant Death) and Keith Christopher on drums and bass (Yahoos, Humble Pie, Georgia Satellites), “TIME WARP DECK” –recorded live in the studio-is a stripped down, raw rock record highlighted by the multi-talented and current member of Steve Earle and the Dukes Eric “Roscoe” Ambel playing guitar, piano and lap steel. In a nod to his Boston days, Harford covers obscure songs by the Flies “Broken Man” and producer/manager Gary Smith (Pixies, Throwing Muses, Lifeboat) who penned the album closer “Just One Last Kiss Goodbye”. Other covers include Dylan’s “Every Grain of Sand” and T.Rex’s “Life’s a Gas”. There are several co-writes on the disc, Harford’s brother Jim penned the lyrics to the opener- the country-rocker “ Holding on to You” and his daughter Amanda wrote a line in “Onto the Next Life”. New Jersey Blues guitar legend Billy Hector and singer Susan Lastovica wrote the lyrics to the heaviest song on the disc “Ragged Ford”, while producer and bass player Andrew Weiss contributed words and arrangements to the languid “Catacombs of Paris” and the rock anthem and live stalwart “Into the Universe”. Quieter acoustic moments are found on the banjo-voice ballad of “ Here I am Girl”, while Harford’s dobro churns on the country-ish “To be Real”.

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Holding Onto You
Onto the Next Life
You for Me
Catacombs of Paris
Broken Man
LIfe's a Gas  
Ragged Ford
Song for You
To be Real
Here I am Girl
Every Grain of Sand
Into the Universe

Just One Kiss

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