Rickie Lee Jones
Live in Portland
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Built as a vaudeville playhouse in the 1920's, the venerable Aladdin Theater became host onSeptember 16, 2000 to one of the most memorable of Rickie Lee Jones' live performances. In gracious, shabby-chic style, the Portland, Oregon venue (that gained dubious recognition as the all-time longest exhibitor of the porn feature, Deep Throat) rocked with ovations as Rickie offered up a scintillating collection of covers from her September 2000 release, It's Like This, as well as classic performances from her memorable catalog, song-prayers from Ghostyhead, and Neil Young's Old Laughing Lady offered as a benediction. For fans, the Aladdin show is now available as a double CD, mastered and released with Rickie's permission. Electric with the kind of energy that happens once in a concert-going blue moon, it bookends It's Like This with one of the best live shows of Rickie's career.

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