MP3 Questions & Answers

What is an MP3?

MP3 is a way of storing music on your computer that makes the size of a song much smaller with virtually no loss in quality from the original CD. If you copy a three-minute song from CD onto your hard drive, it will take up about 30MB. In MP3 format, it only occupies 3MB! For more information about MP3s, you can go to ZDNet or

How do I listen to MP3s?

MP3 files can be played on your computer by many different programs. The most popular is WinAMP, which can be found here. There are also portable MP3 players that you can buy that operate similar to a cassette player. You can transfer songs from your computer to these players.

How do I know if I can download an MP3?

Try downloading our sample MP3. By clicking here you will be taken to a page similar to the one that you will see when you place an order.

What can I do with the music once I've bought it?

You can play it on your computer, or record it onto cassette tape. If you have CD recording hardware, you can even make your own custom CDs with all your favorite music. But please... don't give copies to your friends. That's unfair to the artists, and our prices are so low that anyone can afford to buy the songs they want.

What happens after I place an order?

Your credit card is immediately verified. Then you will see a page with links to all of the MP3s that you ordered. When you click on a link, the MP3 will download into your computer. You don't need to download all of your MP3s at once. You can come back at any time for up to a week to download your MP3 files.

I've seen sites where I can download music free. Why isn't your music free?

Most of the artists at these sites are relatively unknown so they are giving away their own material to introduce listeners to their music. Other sites that let you download music are illegally distributing someone else's work. That cheats the artists out of the royalties they deserve for their music. When you buy music from here, the artist receives most of the fees.

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